THE INDWELLING PRESENCE , the Divine Whisper, a given, a gut feel....

There is nothing you can do to lose the Holy Spirit; the most you can do, as Ephesians cleverly says, is to “grieve” the existing Presence that is “sealed” within you (4:30).

You can, therefore, be totally ignorant of your “BIRTHRIGHT” and your adoption as sons and daughters of God. You can NEGLECT the gift, and thus not en...
joy its wonderful fruits.

But there is nothing you can do to “GET” the Holy Spirit either. Why? Because it comes with the product! All you can do is fan the gift into flame that inherently lies within you, and within everything that God has created.

The word “sinner” really signifies NOT moral inferiors as much as people who do not know who they are and whose they are, people who have no connection to their inherent dignity and importance. They have to struggle for it by all kinds of futile performances. What a waste.

Thus, do not hate “sinners” or look down on them. Feel sorry for what they are MISSING OUT ON!
Adapted from The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See, p. 21

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