Is a car without wheels still a car? At some stage in every life, the wheels come off.

Face-to-face counselling is the most effective, private and safe way of discussing personal matters.


Change is a part of life. We are all changing. All the time.  Each of us are changing in a unique sequence of events as our lives unfold from day to day.

Your process is unique and very personal. In many ways it is sacred and needs to be treated with the utmost respect in the safest possible environment.

General impressions 

  • Discernment of Psychologist is highly objective and professional;
  • Varied skill set of Psychologist is highly beneficial, particularly to the varying needs within the context of a family /company / system
  • Highly experienced across a wide range of age groups, meeting children and people where they are at in life with understanding, compassion and guidance;
  • Consultations treated with utmost confidentiality;
  • Centrally located premises;
  • Reasonable rates;
  • Payment option available (EFT or cash); 
  • Reading material available;
  • Beautiful environment with well maintained garden creating a peaceful and tranquil setting.


Making the first appointment is a brave and often difficult step. Sometimes it is a very desperate step.  

The first appointment with a counsellor is almost always a difficult experience. There is much that is unknown and it takes much courage.

Counselling is, however, most often quite a rewarding experience, as the aim is for you to be safe enough so as to enable you to look at yourself in ways which are often not quite possible in the rush of everyday life.

Making an appointment and arriving at the place of meeting is actually the second most difficult step in facilitated personal growth. Yes, the most difficult step is often the second appointment. This I will explain at a later stage.

The information on this website is there for you to enable you to make a more informed decision before taking the step of making the first appointment.

In the next section we deal with FAQ’s but if you are still unsure after browsing on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us admin@rbgcc.co.za  for more information.

Christo qualified as a Psychologist in 1990 after a brief two years in teaching. Since then he has realized the importance of and desperate need even amongst Christians for guidance regarding life in freedom and truth. His basic philosophy is to earn the right to speak the truth in love after seeking first to understand.
He counsels from a place of safety in Christ.

B.A.(Ed); B.Ed(Psych M.Ed(Psych))

30 000 hours of experience consulting over a wide spectrum of contexts and systems.

Corporate, Government, Religious institutions, Schools, Families

Randburg Counselling Centre since 1990

BHF Practice Number: 8621519

HPCSA Reg Number: PS0033847

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