It would be very normal to be sceptical and have reservations and concerns before making the first appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located? 

Randburg (see directions above)

Which languages do you speak?

I counsel in English and Afrikaans.

When do you set appointments?

Our appointment times run roughly in normal office hours. We do also consult on Saturday mornings.

How long does counseling take?

The first session is key.  In this session we establish a connection. A decision on continuation of a process can only really be made after the first session. You need to be comfortable with the counsellor and this is entirely your choice. It is also subjective, so no explanation is needed!

The process would vary greatly from person to person. A commitment of some sort is normally negotiated at roughly the end of the first session.

A session once a week for about 3 weeks is then recommended after which frequency is brought down to one session every two weeks and then tapered down to even one session every 6 months!

Some clients prefer to do “Personal Maintenance” work with regular intervals. Other clients would see me when important life decisions and changes need to be made. Some intervals are as much as 10 years apart!

Are you a Christian therapist?

I have been in church all of my life. I have come to cherish my relationship with God for the most part, in spite of all the external expressions.  My relationship with God is vital, central and the source of life for me and although I see spirituality in every man or woman I meet, I do not impose my belief.  Spiritual understanding and relationship with God is primarily “caught” rather than “taught” anyway.  I will encourage clients to not dismiss the spiritual aspect of their lives.  It is the source of much healing and all peace.

Do you attend church?

My family and I attend a Christian church, “Mosaiek” in Fairland, Johannesburg.

What are your fees?

Individual sessions are based on Medical Aid Rates per 55 - 60 minute sessions. 

What forms of payment are acceptable?

EFT or cash payments are acceptable and we also do direct submissions to most medical aids, depending on the availability of funds.  Where member is in their self-payment gap or reached their above threshold benefit, the client is responsible for paying the account.

EFT payments need to be done before the appointment and proof of payment emailed to or bring to the appointment.

How do I go about setting an appointment?

Contact us: 076 984 0007 


If I have questions about something mentioned on the website, how do I ask those?

Call the office on 076 984 0007  or e-mail 

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