Welcome to the Randburg Counselling Centre

Welcome again!    You are at the right place now. 

May you find with us a haven where you can first just “be” yourself and then ”become” yourself as you find yourself growing into safety. 

Personal growth is best consolidated in places of safety. It is our aim to create such a place for our visitors.

What people in grief need most is to be compassionately accompanied,

to feel that those who care about them are willing and able to tolerate the pain that they are in, 

to be there with them, to be present.  

A touch, a simple expression of caring, and the ability to sit with the grief goes a long way.  

"Listen to all the conversations of our world, those between nations as well as those between couples.  They are for the most part “dialogues of the deaf”…..yet no one can find a full life without feeling understood by at least one person. He who would see himself clearly must open up to a confidant, freely chosen and worthy of such trust." Paul Tournier

Christo van der Westhuizen

Psychologist / Life Coach

Life Coaching / Counselling / Relationship Challenges / Conflict ResolutionCareer Choice / Career Change / Emigration /

 Marriage counselling/ Depression / Trauma Children / Parenting /  Divorced Families /Stepfamilies / Combined families  / etc


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